Deshoeing and is it necessary to boot?

Yesterday, I spoke to the owner of a twelve year-old horse, shod for at least the past six years. She asked me particularly about the transition to barefoot (the conviction is there but the uncertainties about how and when remain…). I won’t go into all the implications of transition here – suffice to say that […]

Locomotion & Hoof Care Course, France – June 2019

Sabots Libres, in association with Pierre Enoff and EQUILibre™, will be holding another edition of the Level 1 Locomotion and Hoof Care course at Porta, in the French Pyrenees. Two days of intense instruction giving a better understanding of the equine hoof and how to maintain it effectively. More information:

Snorting Horses

Snorting Horses

To those of us most involved in the true well-being of our equine friends, these findings will not come as a surprise but a recent French study of snorting in horses shows that the horse living in a relaxed environment produces far more snorts that one in a stressful situation. And, also not surprisingly, the […]

Excusing the Inexcusable

Excusing the Inexcusable

This month, I read at least two calls to end ‘cruel comments’ on social media -one from a Dutch trainer/rider and one on Facebook by Abi Hutton, covered in this article by Rachael Turner on the Horse and Hound website. Naturally, we cannot condone the actions of some commentators which are solely aimed from a […]

‘Must read’ article on Navicular Syndrome

For many horse owners, there are three words or phrases that that strike fear into the heart: Colic, Laminitis/Founder and Navicular Syndrome. All three are surrounded by myths but probably none more so than Navicular Syndrome. Read here an interesting article that attempts to explode these myths and give hope to many owners struggling to […]

Preliminary Results of the Equine Independent Welfare Survey

First of all, we would like to thank everyone that took part in our survey. There were one or two dissenting voices and, sadly, one person descended into a personal attack on one of the survey’s authors; nevertheless, in general, the reception was positive. Just to clear up one or two points raised: We are […]