Horrific Abuse of a Horse at a UK College – Please Help Stop This From Happening Again. – Updated.

Beware that the below video contains scenes of animal abuse.

I am saddened and horrified to report that this appalling abuse of a horse occured at a Uk college in the south west of England. There is never any excuse for this ignorant, and quite frankly abhorrent use of the whip. This is not horse training, it is purely and simply animal abuse and it must be stopped before the next generation of students from this college propagate the belief that to treat any animal like this is OK.

Please help name this instructor and stop this abuse. If you recognise the college or instructor please send a letter or email, or make a call, to the BHS or the WHW (contact details posted below) stating her or the colleges name with a link to this video.

The British Horse Society can be contacted on the following details:

The British Horse Society
Stoneleigh Deer Park

telephone: 0844 848 1666
fax: 01926 707800

The WHW (previously known as ILPH) can be contacted on the following details:

telephone: 01953 498682
fax: 01953 498373
e: info@worldhorsewelfare.org

Mail: World Horse Welfare
Anne Colvin House
Ada Cole Avenue
NR16 2LR

Reported by Emma Lethbridge.
Thank you to Heather Moffett at Enlightened Equitation for bringing this clip to my attention.

Update …

Thanks to some investigation by one of our wonderful members we now have the name of both the college and the instructor and will be passing on their details to all the necessary authorities.

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  1. Horrible to watch, unfortunately all too common at our approved riding establishments. One of the problems we create when we have such discussions about ‘appropriate use of the whip’ or ‘over use of the whip’ is that we are still advocating the use of the whip to punish. Perhaps this footage may shame people into chaging their behaviour or perhaps it will just make people feel more defensive about their own values and principles. Either way, would nt it be marvellous if we could gaurantee and reassure parents that one thing children would not learn at BHS approved establishments is that violence is the answer, and instead of rewarding the kids who are physically strong enough to kick and smack their ponies into submission reward the kids who genuinely love and respect the horses and ponies they ride enough not to abuse them. Riding schools could offer so much to community values by having the courage not to teach children that violence is acceptable, perhaps then, when these children go to college they may have the courage to say ‘no’ I will not beat this horse.

  2. glad she seems to have been traced, hope this all gets sorted and she gets some serious re-education!

  3. that is disgusting. i cannot believe that those people on the other horses could just sit and watch that horrible horrible thing. That horse is young, probably never had that kind of situation, scared to death, probably in pain the way he keeps twisting his head and bucking. Making any horse or pony canter for that long without a break or at least a calm rider is evil. How they would have him stand still, then just suddenly whip whip whip is the most confusing thing they could have done! no wonder he bucked! Gosh if i was that pony i would have bucked that rider off then ran that stupid, disgusting, evil poor excuse of a human being over. I hope she gets caught and goes through just as much pain and unfairness she put that poor poor pony through. and i hope he gets a nice home where he’ll be loved and looked after, and have his dignity cared for. he lost all dignity in this video. anyone who does that to a horse should be locked up.

  4. I too was disgusted in the video, and I am also taking action to find and bring this ‘Instructor’ to account for her actions, Please don’t blame the other people in this video not even the rider!! these were very young people under the influence of an ‘Instructor’ when you are in that situation it is very very hard to speak out, I know there are many times I should have done it whilst my own children were having so called ‘instruction’ from approved/qualified Pony Club instructors!

  5. Call herself an instructor!! What an absolute arse!! Id make her scared alright! She should be struck off for inappropriate teaching, ‘make the horse scared of you@ What a wonderful relationship that would be!! Stupid woman. Am I cross? Its people like this that give kids the wrong ideas about horses.

  6. I have never seen such a bad intstructor she should be struck off. Its appalling to know that this college is very close to where i live and its a shame that one sick,obnoxious person should give a college a bad name, she is only one bad apple in the basket!!!!
    In all my years of riding and lessons when i was learning as a young child i have never experienced such a pathetic excuse for an instructor who obviously thought she was doing no wrong.

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