Contemplating the Welfare and Training of Horses

Horrific Abuse of a Horse at a UK College – Please Help Stop This From Happening Again. – Updated.

Beware that the below video contains scenes of animal abuse.

I am saddened and horrified to report that this appalling abuse of a horse occured at a Uk college in the south west of England. There is never any excuse for this ignorant, and quite frankly abhorrent use of the whip. This is not horse training, it is purely and simply animal abuse and it must be stopped before the next generation of students from this college propagate the belief that to treat any animal like this is OK.

Please help name this instructor and stop this abuse. If you recognise the college or instructor please send a letter or email, or make a call, to the BHS or the WHW (contact details posted below) stating her or the colleges name with a link to this video.

The British Horse Society can be contacted on the following details:

The British Horse Society
Stoneleigh Deer Park

telephone: 0844 848 1666
fax: 01926 707800

The WHW (previously known as ILPH) can be contacted on the following details:

telephone: 01953 498682
fax: 01953 498373

Mail: World Horse Welfare
Anne Colvin House
Ada Cole Avenue
NR16 2LR

Reported by Emma Lethbridge.
Thank you to Heather Moffett at Enlightened Equitation for bringing this clip to my attention.

Update …

Thanks to some investigation by one of our wonderful members we now have the name of both the college and the instructor and will be passing on their details to all the necessary authorities.