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Shakedown – *UPDATE*

Well, after some puzzling, scratching behind the ears and much file copying, The Equine Independent now has a new home.

As you can see, there is no change in the internet address, no change in the layout and no change in the (original) content – I hope! However, under the skin, one or two changes have taken place: firstly, the site is being hosted in the Netherlands now rather than the UK; secondly, new subscribers have to give more details about themselves when subscribing (name and email address are obligatory) – this is an attempt to avoid the silly scamming addresses that populate the internet; thirdly, I am attempting to purge the user list of these silly addresses.

Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule for identifying false addresses and I am having to go on intuition. This could mean your humourous/daft/personally appropriate/special address does not pass my human spam-filter and will be deleted. Please do not take it personally – just reregister giving the required information.

Thanks for your co-operation, and thanks for your patience the past few months that the site has been somewhat dormant. Things should start to pick up again very soon – already two or three articles are in the make or on their way to the editor.



3 June 2013
I have discovered that the theme used for The Equine Independent has not been updated for a long time. It has therefore become less compatible with the latest – and safest – releases of WordPress. For this reason, I have found it necessary to change the look of the site after all – I hope there are no objections; I have tried to implement a clean and easy to use theme.

It will take a few days to insure all the (most recent) articles have their photos coupled in the intro texts but that is a minor problem and will not detract from the article itself.