France, January 2016


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Welcome to ‘The Equine Independent’, a magazine passionate about promoting equine welfare in training and management. We are an entirely independent publication with articles written by some of the most talented horse trainers, behaviourists and scientists principally in the UK and Europe.

Started by Emma Lethbridge in 2008, the baton was handed over to me in 2013 when Emma felt she could not continue to maintain the site; since there were already some 60 articles published in the preceding three years, it seemed such a waste to just abandon all the work of the authors involved.

Since taking over, there has been something of a revolution in the world of social media and many people now source information and follow discussions with preference for Facebook, Twitter, and the like. Nevertheless, there is still a place for the Equine Independent; we have a public page on Facebook and a twitter feed and for articles in general we will continue to use the website.

‘The Equine Independent’ investigates current horse training methods, trends in horse training and management, ethical issues in training and husbandry, and scientific discoveries in the field. Whether you are a novice owner or a professional competitive rider, the articles published here are unmissable if you want to ensure you are up to date on the latest equine management and training information. If, like us, you are passionate about creating an environment for your horse which meets all his innate behavioural needs and a working relationship which considers his welfare a paramount concern, then we are the magazine for you. ‘The Equine Independent’ will always endeavour to promote equine welfare and strive to bring knowledgeable and balanced material to its’ readership.

The magazine is an interactive site; anybody that wishes to get involved in the discussion simply has to register and log in. If you have a question about equine management, behaviour or training it is possible to ask our writers by sending your question to –

But without your help, the number of articles we publish will remain limited. Should you wish to be involved further with the magazine there is also the possibility of writing for ‘The Equine Independent’, if this appeals and you can write intelligent and balanced articles then please send a cv and an example of your writing to – Alternatively, if you know of anyone that might be interested in having their articles published, please do not hesitate to pass this information on to them. We do not pay for articles – the Equine Independent has no budget, no income and thus also no possibility of expenditure. The site is sponsored – anonymously – simply to maintain its presence on the internet.

We hope you enjoy reading the articles here and are both inspired and informed by them.


Timothy Bolton-Milhas
Principal Editor and Writer

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