An oft asked question is “can I write for The Equine Independent?”
The answer is, infuriatingly, “maybe!”

Generally we are looking towards scientific-based articles related to general or specific welfare of horses. This means that an article should be a sound argument – or at least a sound proposition – about which there can either be no discussion whatsoever or which can generate a healthy discussion with both concurring as opposing views. The former is as defined by the readers and not by the author!

Any argument presented in an article should be well-founded, well formulated and, where possible or appropriate, backed by a bibliography of (scientific) source material.

Provided it is welfare related, an article does not necessarily need to be founded on scientific theory or practice. Personal experience plays an important role in how we care for our animals and an article the fulfils the requirements outlined in the previous paragraph will also be seriously considered for publication.

How long should an article be? A minimum of 600 words but preferably 750 or more; 2000 words is generally the limit but again, this is not a strict rule if the article is well worded. Submissions should be in English (British or American – but beware that if the editor’s spell-checker is launched, it will be turned into British English!).
Unfortunately we cannot offer a translation service but if you are not a native speaker, do not let that be a reason not to write for us – you may submit your article and the editor will check it for grammatical accuracy.

If you have any further questions, please send them to the editor at