Contemplating the Welfare and Training of Horses


neither this nor that…

Welcome Back !

Welcome back to the Equine Independent. It is clearly very difficult to find purveyors of good material; there have been many offers of articles during

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August Reflections

September is here; with it the cooler days, the shorter evenings and a little more time to reflect on recent publications. Three items particularly caught

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We’re onTwitter

Keeping up with the times, The Equine Independent is now on Twitter. You can follow us on @equindependent (the full name was too long, even

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Delayed posts!

Just checking over the site as administrator, I noticed a couple o f draft articles lurking. They actually go back a couple of years but

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Shakedown – *UPDATE*

Well, after some puzzling, scratching behind the ears and much file copying, The Equine Independent now has a new home. As you can see, there

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