Recommended Trainers

Catherine Bell (nee Brocksopp) – Equine Behaviour and Clicker Training.

Catherine Bell covers South East England and can be contacted for help with equine behaviour and clicker training. Catherine’s website is

Ben Hart – Equine Trainer, Specialises in Training Horses, Donkeys and Mules Using the Science of Behaviour.

Ben Hart has worked in America, Australia, Canada and Europe training people how to understand their equines.  His work is based around an understanding of the workings of the equine mind. Ben uses the science of behaviour to enhance the communication between humans and animals. By teaching people, how to think, rather than what to think, Ben gives any owner or trainer the opportunity to develop their own abilities and to develop their own unique equine relationships. He relies on a balance of art and science to develop a long-term approach to equine training and behaviour that anyone can use, and that works with horses, donkeys or mules.

Full details of services and learning opportunities can be found on

Emma Lethbridge – Equine and Companion Animal Behaviour Therapist and Riding Instructor.

I am dedicated to helping owners, trainers and riders understand the nature of their animals, for the purposes of on going training or to solve a one-off behaviour problem. Understanding how animals learn, think and react can help us to forge a deeper relationship with them. It also allows us to train the animals we live and work with to be safe and well adjusted, whilst ensuring their welfare is always paramount.

For teaching and behaviour solving services, please contact me at or 07919 882964.

Jenni Nellist – Equine Behaviour Speciailist.

I run a friendly, caring and knowledgeable equine behaviour and coaching service utilising scientifically validated, horse-centred management techniques, positive reinforcement training, and adherence to tried and tested classical equitation principles. I am based in Swansea and regularly travel across the South Wales area helping horse people to increase their understanding of horses and develop more fulfilling relationships with them.

I can be contacted on 07974 569407 or Alternatively you can visit my website:

Suzanne Rogers – Equine Behaviour

Contact me for a scientific, yet compassionate, approach to solving problems or just for improving your relationship with your horse. I also run lectures and workshops with a variety of behaviour and welfare experts.

For more details visit my website or contact me at; 07961 996628.

Damian Stenton – Horse Training and Riding Instruction

‘Damian is an Enlightened Equitation Teacher Level 3 and a Horse Agility Accredited Trainer & Judge. He has also studied and holds Diploma and Certificate qualifications in Performance & Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Person Centred Therapy and Business Leadership/Management.  This knowledge and experience provides Damian with a rounded and open-minded approach to working with horses and riders relationships and performance. Damian teaches all levels of riders and also runs a variety of courses including ridden and ground skills, and corporate and personal development.  He is also available for freelance tuition and training on a personal or group basis.’

Emma Kurrels – Lluest Horse and Pony Trust

Lluest Horse and Pony Trust is first and foremost an equine rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming charity. Emma Kurrels the Trust manager has extensively studied equine behaviour in theory and practice,  working with and training students and  horses in America, Australia and Europe. Emma’s unique style of training has been developed over 20 years with equine welfare at its core.  With  a passion to maximise equine potential  without compromising their mental physical or emotional well being, Emma puts the focus on trainer ability as well as the horses.


The Riding art of the 21st Centurty: The Art of the Horse himself!

Equus Universalis™ Riding Art™ is completely new and founded by Belgian horse trainer Josepha Guillaume anno 2007.
Equus Universalis™ Riding Art™ is based on the schooling of war horses by the old masters starting with Xenophon up to the last great master François Robichon de La Guérinière , however adjusted to the needs of riders and especially the horses of the 21st century.



Recommended Associations and Links

The Equine Behaviour Forum.

From  the EBF website – ‘If, like Alexander and Xenophon you are interested in equine behaviour and human/horse interaction and if you sometimes feel you are out on a limb with little means of communication with others of like mind, then the Equine Behaviour Forum is for you.

Founded in 1978 and based in the UK, its present Chairman and Scientific Editor is Dr Francis Burton of the University of Glasgow in Scotland. The EBF is an entirely voluntary, non-profit-making, international group of people interested in equine (not only horse) behaviour. Its membership comprises vets, scientists, professional and amateur horsepeople, breeders, casual riders and horse owners, ‘weekend riders’ and also people who have no access to equines or who simply prefer to observe them from a safe distance! All you need to enjoy the Forum is a genuine interest in equine behaviour.

The EBF produces a journal entitled, appropriately enough, Equine Behaviour, which contains both scientific and ‘amateur’ sections. Edited by Alison Averis and Francis Burton, Equine Behaviour is written and illustrated mainly by its members and comprises letters, articles, views and experiences, book reviews, requests for and offers of help and advice, and much more.

The Forum organises optional projects for members to carry out informal talks and discussion groups and visits to places of interest in the horse world.’

Tracking – Up Magazine

From the Tracking – Up website –  ‘Tracking -Up’s main topics will be effective, humane riding and schooling for all disciplines, classical equitation, care and management, veterinary and equine science, and equine behaviour, psychology and learning. Others include the latest research and developments, comment and opinion (so prepare to write in), in-depth book and DVD reviews, book extracts, and conference reports. We aim to bring together thoughts and varying opinions.

Why are we launching a periodical when there are already many magazines around? For some time we had felt the need for something different, something self-sufficient and independent, and which concentrates on horses rather than on personalities or politics. We wanted a periodical which was independent of advertisement income, free from a controlling body and non profit-led: indeed, Tracking – Up is a voluntary, non-profit concern.

We don’t aim particularly to be controversial, but we’ll say what needs saying on behalf of our equine partners, whether or not it’s fashionable or popular. You’ll find reliable information and thought-provoking reading to help you and the equines in your life.’